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  • Less than a week until blast-off again!

    This time we are headed for South America, specifically Chile and Peru. The plan is (roughly): Peruvian Amazon Lake Titikaka (3812m: beware of altitude sickness – hope the tablets work) Cusco and Machu Picchu (2430m) Atacama Desert (2407m) Santiago and Valparaíso Rapa Nui (aka Easter Island) Chiloé Patagonia That means that we need to pack […]

  • Arrived Safely in Lima

    Getting to the airport in Sydney as early as we did turned out not to be too helpful, although it probably did help a little with the Sydney traffic.  The check in counters for our flight didn’t open until 08:00 anyway.  Well, they did open a few minutes early, and at least we were close […]

  • Settling in at Titicaca – taking it easy to acclimatise to altitude

    I haven’t been doing very well with the travel blogging yet, have I?  We’ve had an eventful week on the steaming Amazon on board the Delfin II and I haven’t posted a single photo or even a story!  In my defence, there were no radio waves, and no time to write.  In the nature of […]

  • Some photos from the Amazon

    Some photos from the Amazon

    After several days of not getting the workflow right, and being confused by a mysterious error in uploading (that I now suspect may be the result of insuffient permissions in FireFox at this end), I have resized and uploaded a handful of photos from the Amazon part of the journey.  Story about the Amazon, a […]

  • Well, that was Peru

    Well, that was Peru. Had to wake up at 04:00 this morning, to get ready for an 08:37 flight to Santiago. All went well with the transfer from the hotel, and the check-in at the airport, although there was a good deal more standing around, waiting, than expected. I’m currently sitting in the second last […]

  • 14 August – to Iquitos on the Amazon and the Delfin

    Iquitos is in the middle of the Amazon jungle, connected to the outside world only by the river and by air.  There are no roads in or out.  Lima and the cities of Peru are to the west, across the Andes, so it is unlikely that there will ever be a road or rail link.  […]

  • More photos from the Amazon – First day hike

    More photos from the Amazon – First day hike

    The first day’s outings were a morning walk in the forest, along the Marañón river.  In the afternoon I took up a free spot on a kayak for a paddle, while Cath relaxed (on-board sleeping was easy and plentiful!)

  • 16 August: Macaws to tree tops

    16 August: Macaws to tree tops

    According to the running sheet for the day, we had a skiff ride for bird watching in the morning, and in the late afternoon we went on a forest canopy walk.

  • 17 August: Amazonas Community and Clavero Lake

    17 August: Amazonas Community and Clavero Lake

    Skiff ride along Marañon river.  Visit Amazonas community vilage, with demonstrations of cane sugar crushing and local cuisine.  Met some school children, who sang us a song.  Learned to make Pisco sours.  Saw the merging of the Marañon and Ucayali rivers, where the Amazon is formed. In the afternoon we went on another skiff ride […]

  • 18 August: Llanalpa and Dorado River – Piranha and Cayman

    18 August: Llanalpa and Dorado River – Piranha and Cayman

    Forest hike in Llanalpa trail (did I skip that for a sleep-in?) Steamed off for the Dorado River. Had a cooking class by the ship’s chef: preparation of the local dish “juanes”, which was a mixture of rice and spices with a peeled, boiled egg, wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed (or perhaps baked, […]