To the Ardeche via snow

Making it to the N102 was a good idea, but it wasn't the end of the story. We joined a line of traffic crawling down quite a steep grade, sometimes behind camper vans and sometimes just because the cars in front didn't dare to go any faster.

After a quiet couple of days poking around Puy-en-Valet it was time to head for the Ardeche – a different shape of countryside and different “Plus Beau Villages de France” to see. Our plan was to have a lunch-picnic at the top of a local mountain, Mont Gerbier-du-Jonc, which was on the route to our… Continue reading To the Ardeche via snow

Of mountain passes closed and food of Cantal

We stopped at the "Alta Tera" gourmet cafe for a coffee, as instructed by our host's itinerary. Magnificent view. We seem to be heading towards that snow, though.

Slight deviation from strict chronological order, tonight: I have to switch forward to yesterday, before properly catching up with the story to date… Tuesday 23rd was a good day. Our plan was simply to head to Salers (famous for it’s beef, but also a “plus beau village de France”) and look around, and have lunch… Continue reading Of mountain passes closed and food of Cantal


So: where were we? We had just been mis-navigated into the industrial heart of Asti, and then finally made it to our lunch stop at Del Belbo Da Bardon, half an hour back up the road. This turned out to be a fantastic restaurant, and its wine cellar was as encyclopedic as had been described.… Continue reading Piemonte