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  • Is this thing still on?

    One two. One two… Warming up the systems for another adventure. Still a little way off yet, blast-off at the end of August. Where to? A couple or five days in Reykjavik by way of re-adjusting to the northern hemisphere and being close to the main game, which is a week and a half off […]

  • Last minute infrastructure upgrade

    This blog is now available in IPv6 flavour, for those who prefer it, thanks to the magic of the nbn. Pictures might load a little quicker too. Let’s hope it’s also reliable: still too young to be able to tell from experience.  Not that it matters greatly on this trip, as the expected total lack […]

  • Bit of blogging from Reykjavik

    Bit of blogging from Reykjavik

    Three flights later, here we are in Reykjavik! Actually we’ve been here for a couple of days, now, but the first was quite a blur of sleep-deprived crazyness and movement, followed by catatonic slumber. There were some ups and downs on the flights. On the long, 15-hour first leg to Doha, we found that I […]

  • A nice long walk along the waterfront

    A nice long walk along the waterfront

    As we had decided to skip lunch, the better to appreciate our dinner reservation at Ox, we breakfasted heartily and then headed out to see if we could get to the little traditional cottage that we had seen around to the east when we arrived. The answer turned out to be “no”, because it’s actually […]

  • A walk west, to the Grótta Island Lighthouse

    A walk west, to the Grótta Island Lighthouse

    Sticking to the plan of spending our time in Reykjavik gently, with intense slacking-off punctuated by the gentle exercise of strolling, I didn’t get out for a walk, yesterday until about four. Good work! Emerging into the still bright light, the wind was brisk and a little cold, from the North. Whitecaps in the harbour. […]

  • Back on the internet, but not yet home

    Back on the internet, but not yet home

    The day of our departure from Greenland was a long, drawn-out affair that turned out to be the day before the day of our departure. The plane that was due to pick us up had mechanical problems and, instead of heading from Nuuk to Keflavik as planned, had done an emergency landing at a Greenland […]

  • Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

    Made it. As expected, Iceland Air couldn’t print boarding passes for the two Qatar legs of the journey, although they could check our luggage all the way through. That’ll be why we couldn’t do the online check-in, either. Not much of a “partnership” really, IMO. We had a bit more time in Stockholm Arlanda to […]