Spot of Aurora photography last night

Icelandic Audora

The forecast was for a clear night and strong-ish aurora activity, so we booked the last couple of seats on an aurora-spotting service that would take us to a good viewing spot away from the lights of the city. Downside of last minute preparations was that the pick-up time was earlier than we had hoped,… Continue reading Spot of Aurora photography last night

Travel notes

In no particular order (but perhaps I’ll get around to making them vaguely chronological): The Cathay Pacific lounge at Hong Kong airport has power points, of course, but they’re all English plugs. Australian plugs and European plug converters are no help. On the plus side, they also have USB chargers, and we had sufficient cables… Continue reading Travel notes


Went out for coffee around eight. The recommended coffee shop was indeed excellent, and what’s perhaps even better, located so that I had to find my way through the fresh food market stalls to reach him. The whole eastern side of old Split is given over to ancient stone-tables of market stalls, and every one… Continue reading Split


We got in to Dubrovnik around 6PM last night, after a 6AM start, which was even shakier than usual because I’d managed to food poison myself somehow, and had been up several times at night to make a mess. There are direct flights to Dubrovnik from Copenhagen, but somehow we found that we were routed… Continue reading Dubrovnik