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  • Eleven days (274 hours) to blast-off

    We’re off on another adventure!  Significant nervousness around the still large number of unknowns: I’m planning to not take a laptop this time.  Madness?  We’ve both recently bought tablets (although my Nexus-9 is still in Kowloon, according to the tracking web-site) and don’t really have enough experience with them to know if they’ll do the […]

  • Quick update from 12192m

    Emirates has kindly given me 10MB of “free” WiFi, and here I am, two hours from Barcelona, I’ve decided to give it a spin. They haven’t told me how much it costs after the 10M, but a news item about a fellow with a $1600 bill (and the knowledge that this is bouncing off a […]

  • Arrived safely in Barcelona

    Not much to report. Cath’s plan for getting to the apartment, involving a bus trip to the train station, and then train in to the city was fine, but it did rely on a working map to get the last two blocks right. The Garmin’s battery was flat, but with a bit of convincing apple […]

  • Palau de la Música Catalana and Tapas

    The  tickets for the guided tour of the Palau de la Música were quite expensive, but they’re the only way in, and the guide books all put it at or near the top of the list of must-see places in Barcelona, so we went.  Very glad we did.  Fantastic building, with a great story, and […]

  • Discovering Gaudi: Park Güell, etc

    Today we really got into the swing of public transport, rail anyway.  We caught the metro to Park Güell, which has both a panoramic view of Barcelona and the home and much work of Gaudi. Of course we scampered up to the top of the viewing platform, first, so that we were properly tired, hot […]

  • Sagrada Familia, excellent tapas and a visit to Dolby Barcelona

    We took so many photos, today, that it’s going to take a while to consider a “pick”, to top this post.  Hold on. Sagrada Familia hits with its overwhelming presence as soon as one climbs the stairs from the Metro, and turns around. It’s just there, and it fills up the sky in one direction. […]

  • La Platja (The Beach)

    Might have overdone it a bit today. Cath’s step counter says we’ve walked a bit over eighteen kilometers, about 25000 steps. It was all easy going, liberally interspersed with coffee and lunch stops, but we’re both feeling it. The original plan of visiting Gerona was put off by the very high chance of rain predicted. […]

  • Palau Guell, Lunch, staying up late

    Yesterday sounds simple, when you write it down, but it was very intense in its parts. We started (late) with Palau Guell, another Gaudi construction, just off La Rambla. Totally amazing, in a weird, gothic kind of way. Will definitely be posting some photos, later. We loitered as long as we could, because a thunderstorm […]

  • Castillo de Montjuïc

    Today’s adventure, metro, bus and cable car up to the castle on top of Montjuic almost didn’t happen. It was overcast, actually drizzling as we headed out. We pressed on, but when we got to the metro platform, the notice board informed us that the funicular was out of service, too. Was there any point […]

  • Arrived safe but late in Paris

    Caught the TGV as planned, after an earlier than usual start (up at 6:30!) Lugging two large suitcases up and down the stairs of the Barcelona Metro system (no, they don’t all have lifts or escalators) reminded us why we chose to drive, last trip. Still, we made it in plenty of time, but not […]