Category: Northern Lights

  • Quick update from 12192m

    Emirates has kindly given me 10MB of “free” WiFi, and here I am, two hours from Barcelona, I’ve decided to give it a spin. They haven’t told me how much it costs after the 10M, but a news item about a fellow with a $1600 bill (and the knowledge that this is bouncing off a […]

  • Eleven days (274 hours) to blast-off

    We’re off on another adventure!  Significant nervousness around the still large number of unknowns: I’m planning to not take a laptop this time.  Madness?  We’ve both recently bought tablets (although my Nexus-9 is still in Kowloon, according to the tracking web-site) and don’t really have enough experience with them to know if they’ll do the […]